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TASIS Energy has successfully completed 120 photovoltaic Net Metering installations in homes and businesses throughout Greece.

More than 20 projects whose installation has been completed by our company are awaiting connection.

The suppliers of the equipment required for the installation of a photovoltaic system are selected by TASIS Energy based on consistency, quality and reliability of materials.

Therefore, in all our projects, high quality and durable photovoltaic frames, grid inverters (inverter) and sometimes also an accumulator system, high-strength aluminium frame support bases and lightning protection have been installed.

In all installations, an online monitoring system for production and other operational data was installed, accessible from any internet device.

This enables us to monitor the system and prevent any malfunctions and consequently lost production of the photovoltaic.

In all the photovoltaic systems, Tasis Energy carried out the design, licensing and installation having over 1,100 satisfied customers.

It has experience, expertise and all the required certificates that make it a leading company in the field of photovoltaics.

Its important advantage is that it has as its focus the respect for people and the environment.

Trust TASIS Energy to install your own Subsidized or non-subsidized Photovoltaic System. On your roof or rooftop or in your business with or without battery.

Through energy offsetting, you can produce your own energy which will be offset against your energy consumption resulting in a significant reduction in electricity costs.

More information about the projects and activities of TASIS Energy can be found at

In addition, you can fill in the Contact Form or call the company’s phone number 2106655540.

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