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  • What Net Metering means

Net-Metering (Self-Generation with Energy Offset) is a program that allows the consumer to cover a significant part of the energy consumed by using an interconnected photovoltaic system.

At the same time, it enables him to use the Public Electricity Grid (DEI or other Electricity Provider) for indirect storage of the green energy produced by his photovoltaic system.

The storage of the energy produced can also be done through batteries placed at the consumer’s premises.
Thus there is the possibility of redundancy which means that in the event of a grid failure, the PV net metering system with battery will create a microgrid giving a small amount of power for backup loads such as refrigerator, lighting, TV, heating, drainage pumps.

The Photovoltaics on the Roof programme, subsidises the installation of battery-powered photovoltaics.
Thus, when production is greater than consumption, the surplus is “stored” in the grid or in the battery and used when the photovoltaic production is not sufficient. The final offsetting and metering according to the latest ministerial decision is set at three years and will be carried out for at least 25 years. If the instantaneous consumption exceeds the instantaneous production of the PV system, then the use of the PV system is automatically carried out with a corresponding charge to the provider. For this reason, the PV system should practically be designed based on the annual consumption of the consumer.

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  • Who can benefit

Natural persons (households or traders), legal entities under public or private law and farmers who either own the site where the station will be installed or have the legal use of it (e.g. through lease, free concession, etc.) and have secured the written consent of the owner of the site have the right to install the station.

  • Advantages

The main advantages of Net-Metering are the minimization (or even zeroing) of energy costs and the offsetting is energy-based and not accounting-based since excess energy is not lost.

In addition, a long-term guarantee of low electricity bills is ensured for at least 25 years according to the contract with the respective provider.

It is therefore a high-yielding economic investment as a financial payback is achieved within several years. Finally, the space becomes energy-autonomous and the building is upgraded in terms of energy efficiency.


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