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Who We Are

In 2015, despite the negative potential of the time, we with positive mindset created TASIS, produced ENERGY
and we established TASIS ENERGY.

Qualified electrical engineers - specialized and experienced technicians, certified according to the European program PVTRIN, we represent the Greek company TASIS ENERGY capable of offering high-end quality services and products, acting dynamically in the technical field both nation and worldwide

At TASIS ENERGY we provide complete solutions to Photovoltaic systems and more

We have the necessary experience and know-how and we are able to respond to any technical challenge and need. Our office has extensive experience in both construction and licensing of photovoltaic systems (photovoltaic on roofs, photovoltaic parks and autonomous photovoltaic systems).

Our projects nationwide include installations with home photovoltaic systems (interconnected (grid) - autonomous (off-grid) - hybrid - backup) as well as industrial applications of photovoltaic stations (self-generating - plants).

We are the first company in Greece who installed the first PV system Net Metering (auto production)500 kWp and the first charging system for electric cars. Ingenuity and high level of expertise and knowledge in the PV systems are key factors that represent us.

At TASIS ENERGY we act proactive and offer complete solutions in:

Respectfully and with the priority of the needs of the client, we aim for quality services according to all the international standars for Health Safety and Envioroment.

Together we shift TASIS to ... Energy

Together we shift TASIS to ... Energy