The consulting department of TASIS in cooperation with its Technical Department, evaluates the present and future expected production, the economic indicators of your photovoltaic station and proposes investment plans for the replacement – repowering – of the basic equipment of your station.

The aim is to increase the annual production and, by extension, to increase your investment income, in case the overall system performance has decreased to such an extent that this proposal is viable and efficient.

The upgrade of the photovoltaic station through the replacement of the basic equipment.
In this context, it is possible to add telemetry, i.e. remote monitoring of your photovoltaic system.

When after years the efficiency of the photovoltaic plant has decreased or we wish to use the benefits of the new technology.

Repowering Kalyvia
Repowering St. Stephen
Repowering Lavrio
Repowering Amfissa

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