Energy offsetting

Photovoltaics in the field

Project “Photovoltaics in the field” The submission of applications for the “Photovoltaics in the Field” programme with a budget of €30 million has started. The programme is implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the deadline for applications is 15 May 2024. Key points to remember: Eligible beneficiaries: Professional farmers, special status farmers […]

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Domestic Photovoltaics

Domestic photovoltaics Home photovoltaic systems are a way to generate your own electricity using solar energy. They are an increasingly popular choice in Greece, thanks to the many benefits they offer: Saving money. Energy independence. Subsidies: The government subsidizes the installation of home photovoltaic systems, which significantly reduces the initial cost. Green energy. How home

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News for Net billing

Net Billing: introduction to a New Energy Landscape What is Net Billing? Net Billing, or “Net Billing,” is an innovative energy offsetting system, revolutionizing the way consumers interact with the electric grid. Unlike traditional Net Metering, where excess energy from renewables is netted against future consumption, Net Billing focuses on financial compensation for energy delivered

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Net Metering

Net Metering What is Net Metering? Net-Metering (Self Generation with Energy Offset) is a program that allows the consumer to cover a significant part of the energy consumed by using an interconnected photovoltaic system. At the same time, it enables him to use the Public Electricity Grid (PPC or other Electricity Provider) for indirect storage

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