There are about 42,000 roofs in Greece with an installed interconnected photovoltaic system. They are included in the Special Programme “PV on roofs of buildings” from 2009 until today.

Since April 2014, many owners have unfortunately seen a unilateral reduction of the offered sales price under Law 4254/2014, which they saw in the next bills and which applies to all those connected to the grid from 1 July 2011 onwards.

At the same time, however, for those systems that have suffered a tariff reduction, the same law typically states that there is a 7-year extension of sales contracts – offsetting energy of photovoltaic systems! That is, from 25 years the contracts are extended to 32 years!

For more information, here is a link to Law 4254 that is in effect (p. 1444)

Due to ignorance or lack of awareness of residential PV owners, this important parameter (and more) is unknown to most. For this reason, the technical company TASIS Energy took the initiative to responsibly inform in this regard.

The technical company TASIS Energy with its successful presence in the field of PV home systems maintains more than 2 megawatts of installed power in a set of residential photovoltaic installations throughout Greece.

With its excellent technical training, certified expertise and many years of experience in photovoltaic systems of all PV equipment manufacturers, TASIS Energy offers high quality control – maintenance – remote monitoring services for any PV system.

Hundreds of PV system owners who trust Tasis Energy for the monitoring and regular maintenance of their system, enjoy safe operation – high performance and above all, an economical solution for every technical requirement of their home power plant.

The company offers customized maintenance solutions for any type of residential PV installation. Also 24-hour technical support, services and remote monitoring systems. Plus cleaning services, upgrade proposals and efficiency increase. Even back-office services for full management of warranties – insurance issues. Finally technical training of PV owners, always respecting the economic needs of the time.

TASIS Energy, has graduated engineers certified by the European PV / PV installer certification program PVTRIN with nationwide maintenance coverage. It provides high quality services and maintenance packages for any type of PV system, 24-hour technical support, experience and expertise.

Extension of photovoltaic contracts

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