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Our specialized technical stuff and our trained engineers undertake, on a regular basis, the maintenance of your photovoltaic systems, providing technical work, a large number of measurements and recordings and as well system monitoring. Based on construction specifications, international standards, insurance contracts and regulations, we recommend a photovoltaic system to perform maintenance at least once a year from the first year of operation.

Each maintenance involves a series of actions that ensure that your photovoltaic system produces 100% of the energy it can . These actions include complete electrical, electronic and mechanical control, measurements, torque measurement and general maintenance of photovoltaic equipment. Then a thermographic inspection of the frames, inverters and panels is performed. The performance of the system is checked and recorded in a technical report and then in a maintenance report. If required, we provide suggestions for correction - improvement and protection of the system in general, as well as training of the owner for his system. As for the maintenance, the Remote monitoring - Telemetry of the photovoltaic system is included in order to its correct operation is ascertained daily as well as the cleaning of the photovoltaic panels (optional). We are available for technical support and immediate intervention 24/7.

After the end of the maintenance, we keep a maintenance file for each installation, with the history of the PV installation as well as when the maintenance has been done and what interventions have been done.

Our team consist from specialized technicians, with all the necessary equipment. Licensed electricians and qualified engineers. Our staff is constantly trained with both in-company training and external seminars.