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Our company has long experience in the field of Renewable Energy Sources and in sales of photovoltaic (PV) systems. It consists of Engineers and Technicians with excellent scientific and technical training as well as professional experience in the field of PV systems. It belongs to the Register of Certified PVTRIN Photovoltaic Installers (*), according to which the observance of the international safety rules and the application of the desired quality standards during the design, installation and maintenance of the PV system are ensured. In addition, it provides technical services and complete solutions of high standards, ensuring the maximum efficiency and the optimal operation of its projects.

Η TASIS Energy invests in its human resources, upgrades its know-how, introduces innovative solutions and works dynamically with a vision of pioneering in the field of PV systems. It is endowed with the corporate values of reliability, consistency and genuine customer experience, gaining more by doing less!! 

Certification - Seminars

  • PVTRIN Photovoltaic Installer certification
  • SMA Installer A-Z
  • SMA technical training
  • SOLAREDGE installer advanced certification – ROW
  • KOSTAL Design and new technologies
  • KOSTAL Net metering & PICO inverters
  • ALEO Technical seminar for the installation of PV systems on roofs
  • FORUM Electrical installation control protocol
  • SCHLETTER Photovoltaic Systems Support Systems Seminar
  • ΓΕΠ - Health and safety during the installation of PV systems
  • FRONIUS Service partner qualification training
  • ELEMCO EHE - EHE earth systems - EHE protection against surges