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Autonomous PV Systems

The company TASIS ENERGY having many years of experience and specialization in the field of autonomous power systems offers solutions to meet all your energy requirements with photovoltaics.

Autonomous PV systems are non-interconnected (from the grid) PV systems which are implemented in non-electrified or remote areas. Their goal is to continuously cover the energy consumption of an electrical installation on a 24-hour basis. The energy produced per day is stored in accumulators (batteries) for the purpose of serving loads at night or during hours of low sunshine.

TASIS Energy undertakes the calculation of the energy requirements of the installation site as well as the elaboration of a complete electrical and mechanical study. In addition, our company has the ability and provides a wide variety of products in photovoltaic systems to meet your needs. Our specialized technisians and our trained engineers undertake the installation of the photovoltaic system and the subsequent installation maintenance.

The correct study and the detailed design of the autonomous PV systems is an extremely specialized but also necessary process.